Gottlieb Native Garden Est. 1987

Designated a “Certified Wildlife Habitat” by the National Wildlife Federation, Dan and Susan Gottlieb’s backyard is an inviting haven for many different species of birds, numerous mammals, butterflies and other pollinators.

For these creatures, the attraction to the Gottlieb Native Garden stems from the kinds of plants growing there: California natives such as richly scented sages, the fabulous blooms of the matilija poppy, and the California rose, rarely seen in backyard gardens and the only rose species endemic to the state.

Susan conceived the Gottlieb Native Garden in 1989, starting by removing invasive vine species in order to lure birds to her backyard. Soon, the advantages of a native plant garden became abundantly clear as the amount of water used to sustain the garden decreased and wildlife sightings increased.

Susan shares her garden with the public through viewings given to college classes, garden clubs, private tours, and the annual Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour. The Gottlieb Native Garden, located in Beverly Hills, has been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and Real Gardens.